Agility can help everyone!

PublicAgile.org provides curated information which is freely available to the general public. The information is being curated by seasoned Agilists who want to provide value to the agile community. This is born out of our shared desire to provide information for ALL and to ensure a repository of quality information exists.

Part of our reason to exist is to combat the amount of information we find bad or misleading. Part of it is we are often called to create similar information for organizations, and this may be the best way for us to combine our shared knowledge.

Steve Moubray Lean-Agile Coach

Steve Moubray

Site Janitorial Services

Steve Moubray is a Lean-Agile Coach with a passion for Community Building and the Meetup I’m honored to host, Agile Coaching DC, just celebrated our 5-year anniversary and 2,000 members.

Phil (Gershom) Rogers, Lean-Agile Coach

Phil (Gershom) Rogers

As an Agile practitioner, Phil especially enjoys working with individuals and teams to experiment with techniques that make it possible to collaborate effectively, identify and address challenges, and deliver business value to customers.