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Agile Glossary & Definitions

The Agile Glossary contains detailed information on agile terms. Creating a common language on your teams and within your organization can be critical to a successful agile transofrmation.

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Lean / Agile Conferences

Agile Conferences help us continue to grow and you move forward on your Agile Journey. We have a list of Lean-Agile Conferences from around the world. Some virtual and some in-person.

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Agile Playbook

An Agile Playbook is a collection of actionable “Plays,” which can help you form new teams, enhance events and help your Agile Journey. You are welcome to download and use our Agile Playbook as needed.

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Agile Resources

The Internet is filled with great Agile Resources. We’ve created a list of some of the best Agile Recourses including resources for Agile Retrospectives, Agile Games and additional Agile Links.

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