Agile Glossary

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Wait Time
The time that goes by between processes in a Lean Production system. For instance, time during which a work item gets shuffled around or sits around waiting for someone to work on it. See also touch time.
Submitted by: Phil Rogers

Work in Progress
A user story or other work item where work has started but not enough effort has been invested in it to consider it finished and available to a customer or user. Refers to all assets or work products of a product or service that are currently being worked on or waiting in a queue to be worked on. Examples include documentation without code, code without tests, and any software that has been developed but not deployed to production. It is important for teams to strive to keep the number of things they are working on simultaneously to a minimum, which is known as a low "WIP limit." For instance, a team might set a WIP limit on how many work items can be in development at the same time.
Submitted by: Phil Rogers

Working Agreement
A set of ground rules that constitute protocols among teams or when working with other parties. The idea is to make sure their is clarity on what is expected, customary, and acceptance insofar as the way in which a team or other group of people work together. Examples of things that might be included: when and where a Daily Standup/Daily Scrum takes place; who fills in for a particular person when they're away; ways in which collaboration tools are used; blocks of time during which team members agree to be reachable; preferred options for fun things to do as a group.
Submitted by: Phil Rogers