Agile Glossary

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When the form of code is improved to remove unnecessary spaces, comments, clumsy logic structures, nested loops, and other anti-patterns that cause code performance to decrease. The overall end-to-end functionality from the user's perspective does not change, apart from a possible improvement in areas such as efficiency or performance.
Submitted by: Phil Rogers

Relative Estimation
A method of estimating that uses a scale to compare the complexity and effort for work items in association with each other, rather than trying to assign an exact value on an absolute scale. It is common for teams to use T-shirt sizes or numbers from a modified form of the Fibonacci Sequence as a frame of reference for establishing relative estimates. It has also been observed that teams reach a point of diminishing returns rapidly when they seek to attain a level of precision with estimation that is not realistically possible in software development.
Submitted by: Phil Rogers