Agile Glossary

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In Scrum, the sum of all the Product Backlog items that a team finishes during an iteration (Sprint), along with the value of the Increments of previous Sprints. At the conclusion of a Sprint, the new Increment must be "Done," which means the work items are in useable condition and also meet the Definition of Done. As such, an Increment is a body of finished work that achieves a step toward a vision or goal, regardless of whether the Product Owner decides to release it.
Submitted by: Phil Rogers

Information radiator
Handwritten, drawn, printed or electronic representations or displays which are placed in a visible location, so that all team members as well as others who pass by can see the latest information at a glance: count of automated tests, velocity, cycle time, incident reports, continuous integration status, and so on. Use of information radiators helps reinforce the notion that a team has nothing to hide from its visitors (customers, stakeholders, etc.), and also that it has nothing to hide from itself (it acknowledges and addresses problems).
Submitted by: Phil Rogers